Our story

Opening a new place is risky to say the least, but this was the case even before the coronavirus epidemic. But this is not the first time we have embarked on a project where we were told in advance that it could not work and yet it did, and we sincerely believe that the scenario will be similar in this case.


We love challenges! Not to mention the fact that it was essentially the covid that gave us the opportunity to open Madhouse.


When working out the details, it was important for both parties that, in addition to offering something extra compared to the competition, we should retain our experimental creativity, because we believe that these two things can only be successful together. In this spirit, for example, we place great emphasis on our spirit and natural wine offerings, in addition to our craft beers, and in developing the menu, we made it a priority to provide a gastronomic experience at an affordable price that is worth returning for.


We believe that Madhouse has the potential to become not only an outstanding place in the domestic craft beer scene, but also in Budapest overall.

Which (and who) you’re sure to meet here:

Barrel Project

Mead Scientist