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A hidden garden, in the heart of Óbuda, far from the city noise, full of sunshine during the day and cosy lights in the evening.

On 25 April, Mad Garden Buda will open its doors once again as a child-friendly, animal-friendly, sunny garden.

Opening on 25 April

This season, we’ll have a new drinks menu on tap, with 3 Mad Scientist beers and a whole host of different canned beers. We’ve also added biodynamic wines, a wide range of spirits, long drinks and this summer’s hit, vermouth. On the food front, we won’t be boring either, as we’ll be hosting food trucks with different dishes for different seasons.

Last year we had a lot of activities that you won’t find anywhere else, and this year will be no different. Plant, flower and design exhibitions, a dog programme, an acoustic concert, yoga and other movement programmes, to name just a few of the activities on offer this year.

For its third season, Mad Garden Buda remains what it was, a friendly relaxed place to get away from the city noise during a pleasant summer evening.

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You can find us here
Mad Garden Buda

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